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NGO See nongovernmental organization. NGU See urethritis.

NIAID See national institute of allergy and


NICHD See national institute of child health


night sweats Profuse sweating during sleep at night, often an early sign of disease, especially if accompanied by intermittent fever. Night sweats are considered a symptom of HIV only when the body is drenched. Slight to moderate sweating is not a symptom. In addition to being an early sign of HiV disease, severe night sweats may also be a symptom of several HIV-related conditions, including TUBERCULOSIS.

NIH See national institutes of health.

nimodipine A calcium channel blocker used primarily to improve nerve damage caused by stroke. it works by slowing the amount of calcium that enters cells, resulting in blood vessels opening wider, allowing more blood to flow through them. (Most calcium channel blockers are used to treat heart conditions.) It is also occasionally used for the treatment of migraine headaches. In people infected with HiV, nimodipine is sometimes used as a treatment for neurological damage caused by HIV, especially peripheral neuropathy.

nipple The structure on the breast through which milk is exuded (in women). In men it is vestigial. Also a source of erotic enjoyment.

nitazoxanide An anthelminthic drug used to control tapeworm and liver fluke parasites in many countries of the world. It has shown to be effective and controlling cryptosporidiosis in HIV disease. It also stops the pervasive diarrhea that accompanies cryptosporidiosis. Other research shows that it has broad effectiveness against many protozoa and helminths. It has not been approved for sale in the United States yet but is available through the Food and Drug Administration compassionate use program. Many people who live near the Mexican border transport the drug over to the U.S. border and it is often available in border states. (The trade name in Mexico is Cryptaz.)

nizoral See ketoconazole.

NK cells See natural killer cells.

NMRI See magnetic resonance imaging.

NNRTI See nonnucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor.

no code An indication on a terminally ill patient's chart that he or she does not want heroic, lifesaving measures or artificial life support when death is imminent. Also called no code blue or no code blue status. See power of attorney, medical directive, and living will.

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