Intensive care

unique in humans and dissimilar to enzymes in animals. Researchers hope, therefore, that inhibiting this enzyme might have few repercussions in the human body. By using a drug to inhibit this enzyme, similar enzymes will not be affected, and this will result in fewer or no side effects. The drug will work only on the integrase enzyme and not other enzymes similar to it located it elsewhere in the body. Finding these integrase inhibitors has been more difficult than researchers first thought. Several drug companies have held tests and Phase I trials of different integrase inhibitors, but most have not worked well. It is such a potent source of a drug, however, that many companies continue looking for such a chemical.

intensive care Service provided by skilled medical personnel to seriously ill patients with life-threatening conditions requiring special equipment, complex treatment and constant care, and/or monitoring. It is usually provided in a specialized area of a care facility known as an intensive care unit (ICU).

Some intensive care units, such as those for coronary, surgical, or newborn intensive care, limit their services to certain types of patients.

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