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ing on the basis of handicap, some including HIV infection. Several cities have also adopted ordinances prohibiting discrimination in housing against people with HIV. State and local laws have also been used to oppose discrimination by landlords against agencies and professionals providing services to people with HIV/AIDS.

One of the realities people with HIV/AIDS may face is the possibility of losing their homes because of inability to make rent or mortgage payments. Some people with full-blown AIDS may need specialized care facilities or group housing. Many people with HIV become homeless and require housing assistance. The law provides very little support for general claims that the government must provide shelter to those who need it. But people with HIV have redress under the Fair Housing Act and local antidiscrimination laws when they are refused admission to or are evicted from group housing, such as homeless shelters and publicly owned housing, because of their condition.

In the long run, most litigation is likely to concern special-care facilities and group homes for people with HIV. organized community opposition to group homes or care facilities is a common barrier. These facilities generally must meet state and local health and fire codes. usually, efforts to prevent homes from opening focus on zoning restrictions. Discriminatory use of zoning restrictions is subject to challenge under both the United States Constitution and the Fair Housing Act. Some cases have also applied the equal protection clause of the federal Constitution to invalidate zoning restrictions and decisions that discrimination against group homes for special populations, such as people with HIV/AIDS.

While much has been done for people with HIV to eliminate discrimination in housing, much remains to be done in meeting their housing needs. people with HIV/AIDS must cope with pressing income as well as health needs. Funding for housing is crucial, a fact Congress recognized in the 1990 Cranston-Gonzalez National Affordable Housing Act, which includes a block grant program designed to encourage state and local governments to provide housing for people with HIV/AIDS. Additionally, the United States social welfare system offers a variety of financial and health care benefit programs for people, including social security, welfare, medicaid, medicare, food stamps, drugs, and housing. With federal funding, many state, city, or county housing departments run a variety of housing programs for low-income persons, with special projects or units set aside for the aged and the disabled. Persons with HIV/AIDS who need access to housing must identify the programs that are available, find out what benefits are offered, and determine and assess their eligibility before applying and, if necessary, appealing.

HPA-23 See antimoniotungstate.

HPMPC See cidofovir.

HPV See human papillomavirus.

HTLV See human t cell lymphotropic virus.

HTLV-II See human t cell lymphotropic virus.

HTLV-III See human immunodeficiency virus (hiv).

HTLV-III/LAV See human t-lymphotropic virus


HTLV-IV See human t-lymphotropic virus type iv. HU See hydroxyurea.

HUD See department of housing and urban


HUD voucher A document that eligible low-income recipients can present to landlords in lieu of rent payment; landlords, in turn, redeem the vouchers for cash from HuD, in a housing counterpart to the food stamps program. Not all landlords participate in this program.

human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) A naturally occurring hormone that is produced by women during pregnancy. HcG inhibits the mother's immune system from rejecting the fetus as foreign tissue. it is an approved therapy for treating infertility in women and cryptorchidism failure

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