CMV polyradiculopathy See cytomegalovirus


CMV retinis See cytomegalovirus retinis.

CMV viral load The total amount of cytomegalovirus (CMV) in a person's blood. Data suggest that CMV viral load can be a useful tool in tailoring CMV treatment options to fit each individual, just as HIV viral load is. Studies show that HIV viral load has some predictive value of risk of CMV disease progression and death; predictive value of CMV viral load is much stronger.

CMV viremia The presence of cytomegalovirus (CMV) in the blood. Data indicate that CMV viremia indicates risk of disease. Some researchers caution that not everyone with a positive qualitative test result progresses to active CMV and argue that it is important to learn how to understand and use CMV viral load to make treatment decisions. Other researchers suspect that CMV viremia is only part of the equation and that CD4 count and HIV viral load may need to be considered as well in determining who is at highest risk for development of active disease. Note that still other researchers go one step further, asserting that CMV viremia is predictive of disease progression and survival.

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