Busse Buschke disease See cryptococcosis

butch Slang term, formerly gay but now in common use, to describe someone or something as stereotypically masculine.

butyl nitrite inhalant A liquid compound that dilates blood vessels and reduces blood pressure when inhaled. It is used recreationally to produce a brief high. Unlike amyl nitrite, butyl nitrite does not require a prescription. Also called rush and


butylated hydroxytuolene (BHT) A food preservative widely used to prevent rancidity in fat-containing foods. It is believed to strip LiPiD-coated viruses of their protective envelope, leaving them susceptible to recognition and destruction by the immune system. It is also thought to remove the binding proteins that viruses use to penetrate cell membranes. Medical researchers have found that BHT greatly reduces the progression of necrosis in doxorubicin-induced skin ulcers.

buyers' club A nonprofit group that makes available "underground" drugs (drugs not approved by the Food and Drug Administration and thus not available in the United States). Many of these drugs are used abroad for purposes not related to AIDS or HIV infection and their effectiveness as treatment for these conditions is only speculative. Many underground groups, some of which are approved in other countries and some not, carry nutritional supplements and vitamins, as well as minerals, enzymes, and herbal or chinese therapies. persons considering joining a buyers' group should ask questions and explore thoroughly the standards and procedures of any group offering unapproved therapies before buying a drug from them. Buyers' clubs offer those infected with HIV the opportunity to take drugs that might not otherwise become available for years, but the drugs are untested and could be useless or toxic.

The Food and Drug Administration has had longstanding concerns about buyers' clubs' activities. The lack of physician involvement in the medical care of their clients; the sale of injectable products of unknown purity, sterility, and strength; the sale of products with unknown sources of manufacture; and the promotion, distribution, and commercialization of unproved and potentially dangerous products are among the agency's interests.

In 1993, it wrote to a number of AIDS buyers' clubs expressing official concern about "certain" activities. This was the first time the agency made a stab at formally defining its relationship with the clubs. The agency noted that it had, in the past, articulated a policy regarding importation of drugs for personal use, under which it may exercise what it refers to as "enforcement discretion." It noted further that many buyers' clubs have taken the

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