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Heamorrhoids are commonly known as piles. They may cause rectal pain and bleeding and may interfere with defecation. Internal haemorrhoids arise from superficial veins in the mucosa of the lower rectum, which become engorged through chronically raised intra-abdominal pressure and straining during defecation. The veins are supported by cushions of soft connective tissue, which hypertrophy and contribute to the swelling (see Chapter 14). Chronic straining is the commonest cause of haemorrhoidal vein enlargement and contributing factors include pregnancy, obesity and weight lifting. First-degree internal haemorrhoids comprise hypertrophied cushions, with enlarged veins that may bleed but do not protrude out of the rectum into the anus. Second-degree haemorrhoids prolapse through the anus, but reduce spontaneously. Third-degree haemorrhoids require manual reduction of the prolapse and fourth-degree haemorrhoids cannot be reduced manually. Internal haemorrhoids generally do not cause pain...

Causes and mechanisms

Local obstruction, for example, by a tumour, may cause pain and difficulty in defecation. Painful local lesions, such as prolapsed haemorrhoids and anal fissure, inhibit the urge to defecate. Constipation and straining at stool contributes to the development of haemorrhoids and fissure.

Vibrio parahaemolyticus Infections

Vibrio spp. contaminate water (especially salt water due to the halophilic properties of bacteria), seafood, mollusks, crustaceans, and undercooked vegetables. In Asia, infections frequently accompany floods and other natural disasters. In the Far East and in Japan, V. parahaemolyticus infections are endemic. The causative factor is achlorhydria (often iatrogenic). The onset of Vibrio infection acquired via the orofecal pathway resembles dysentery due to frequent bloody stools (Butterton and Claderwood, 2001).

Man with Colitis and Pancytopenia

Three weeks later, he returned to the gastroenterology clinic for a follow-up appointment during which he complained of fevers, chills, and rectal pain for the past 3 days. On physical examination he was diaphoretic, febrile (39.8 C), and tachycardic, and experienced pain with movement. No lymphadenopathy was appreciated, and lung and heart exams were normal. His abdomen was mildly tender with hypoactive bowel sounds. No ascites or peripheral edema was noted.

Adult Male with New Onset Ascites

On physical examination the patient was well developed, looked tanned even though it was winter, weighed 196 lb (89 kg), and had normal vital signs. The patient had several prominent stigmata of chronic liver disease, including spider angiomata on his chest, palmar erythema, Dupuytren's contractures, testicular atrophy, and female escutcheon however, he was anicteric. He had normal chest and normal cardiac findings, and his abdomen was protuberant, but not tense. There was no palpable or ballotable liver edge, but his spleen was felt just under the left costal border. On digital rectal examination he had prominent hemorrhoids and a normal prostate. A stool sample was brown and negative for occult blood. He had 2+ pitting ankle edema.

Diploid progeny

There are numerous other historical design flaws in the physiological and mechanical makeup of human beings, such as a metabolic inability to manufacture vitamin C the absence of a reserve second heart (unlike our paired lungs, kidneys, eyes, and opposable thumbs) a birth canal too narrow to permit comfortable passage of an infant the retention of wisdom teeth in a jaw that is too short and the prevalence of problems that accompany upright bipedalism, ranging from pains in the lower back, leg joints, and feet, to abdominal hernias, varicose veins, and hemorrhoids.17 Such imperfections of design, all too familiar especially to those of us of advancing age, are as understandable in the light of evolutionary history as they are unfathomable as the workings of a loving interventionist god.

Rigid instruments

The rigid sigmoidoscope can be inserted up to 20 cm into the rectum and proximal sigmoid colon, and is routinely used to diagnose proctitis and rectal tumours. The shorter and wider proctoscope allows examination of the anal canal and rectum. Haemorrhoids can be treated by sclerotherapy or elastic band ligation through a proctoscope.


Toxins produced by dysentery rods injure the colon's epithelium and bacteria may penetrate the submucous layer. Non-intestine syndrome affects patients with deeply impaired immune systems. Mucous and bloody stools, which lead to a dehydration in a short time, are a predominant symptom. Infections most frequently occur during the summer among groups of children, such as in nursery schools, kindergardens, or summer camps (Keusch, 2001). According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, b), the frequency of dysentery among U.S. children aged one to four years is 27 cases per 100,000 children and dysentery primarily affects children from low-income families. Among adults, the morbidity rate is six incidents per 100,000 people, with seasonal increase in epidemic periods.


These organisms share the ability to cause A E lesions with EPEC but enterohemorrhagic E. coli (EHEC) are set apart from EPEC by possession of Shiga-like toxins and the clinical presentation of their disease. EHEC cause disease of the large intestine that may present as simple watery diarrhea and then progress to bloody stools with ulcerations of the bowel. In a small subset of diseased individuals there is onset several days later of severe, life-threatening hemolytic-uremic syndrome (HUS). HUS involves a triad of hemolytic anemia, thrombocy-topenia and renal failure. The transmission of EHEC disease in humans is through ingestion of contaminated beef or foods contaminated with cattle feces. In cattle, the EHEC strains are transient members of the intestinal microflora where they do not apparently cause disease. One of the remarkable features of EHEC is its low infection dose of 10-100 organisms. Clearly this microorganism has special acid-tolerance ability when compared to many...

Common disorders

Anorectal disorders typically cause pain, itching (pruritis ani) and bleeding (haematochesia). Pain can inhibit defecation, resulting in hardening of the stool and a self-perpetuating cycle of constipation. Inflammation causes diarrhoea and the passage of mucus. Chronic inflammation can reduce the ability of the rectum to dilate, causing urgency of defecation. Tenesmus is the sense of incomplete defecation. Incontinence is a distressing symptom, which may result from local disease, severe diarrhoea or neuromuscular disorders. Bright red rectal bleeding occurring at the end of defecation is usually caused by haemorrhoids. Blood mixed with stool indicates bleeding from a more proximal source. The anus can be examined externally to reveal prolapsed haemorrhoids, skin tags and anal fissure. To complete clinical examination of the anorectum, a gloved finger is inserted into the anus (digital rectal examination) and this can be followed by a proctoscopy or a sigmoidoscopy (see Chapters 43 &...

Plantar warts 395

Ointment or carbolated petroleum jelly can relieve the itch, as can a sitz bath followed by cleaning with witch hazel around the anal area. A deworming drug (pyrantel pamoate) will kill the worm meben-dazole is the alternative for children over age two. In order to kill the newly hatched adults, it is best to repeat the treatment in two weeks. All members of the household should be treated, whether or not they have symptoms. Bed linens of the affected child should be changed daily without shaking.

Loeb Series

Fleshes. Prorrhetic - . Physician. Use of Liquids. Ulcers. Haemorrhoids. Fistulas. Trans. P Potter. Volume VIII. Cambridge Loeb Classical Library, 1995. Fractures 3, 12 Generation 12, 15, 17 Glands 8 Haemorrhoids 8 On the Universe 4 Heart 12 Humours 4 Intercourse Generation 12, 15, 17 Internal Affections 6 Joints 3

Clinical Findings

However, the severity of dysentery varies widely from severe to asymptomatic infection (asymptomatic infections are common in highly endemic areas where up to 50 of all Shigella infections may be asymptomatic). In experimentally infected volunteers, the classical triad of shigellosis (fever, abdominal pain, and passage of blood and mucus in diar-rheal stools) was observed only in half of those infected (DuPont et al., 1969). The disease usually begins with fever, anorexia, fatigue and malaise. Patients presenting with high fever, frequent bloody stools of small volume (sometimes grossly purulent), abdominal cramps or tenesmus, and showing large clumps of leukocytes in their feces, can be given presumptive diagnosis of bacillary dysentery. The typical illness usually begins with fever (38-40 C), with lower abdominal pain, watery diarrhea and malaise. Watery diarrhea may be brief or even absent. Severe dehydration is not a typical picture. However, in malnourished...

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