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During the last two decades, the availability of molecular cloning techniques has helped establish the dual nature of the gonadotropic action also in fish. Yet, due to the variety of reproductive strategies found among fishes, the specific functions of the GtHs in general, and in particular those of the "newly discovered" member, the FSH, are still ambiguous. In salmonids (synchronous spawners), which represent a relatively simple reproductive model, the FSH is predominant during early oogenesis and is thought to promote sex steroid synthesis, follicu-lar differentiation, and gonadal growth. LH at a later phase induces steroido-genic changes that trigger the production of MIS, and consequently direct gamete maturation and spawning. Nevertheless, the role of FSH in multiple spawners is fairly blurred, largely because both GtHs: (i) appear to be present throughout the reproductive cycle; (ii) can stimulate the in vitro production of ovarian T and E2; and (iii) activate FSHR displayed on theca and granulosa cells during oogenesis. This ambiguity is further stressed in multiple spawners like the red sea bream, where LH seems to override FSH action all through the reproductive cycle.

Another puzzle relates to the changeable activity of the GtHs during the follicular development. GtHs support the synthesis of E2 during vitellogenesis, while at the time of maturation they support MIS synthesis. Considering that teleosts do not exhibit the classic follicular model of two-cell types for two-GtHs, it was suggested that binding of different ligands to the same receptor type may stimulate divergence signaling pathways with the result of altered cell functions. In this respect, altered cell functions could also be the outcome of a change in the relative abundance of the FSHR and LHR on the follicular cells. However, to verify these hypotheses further research should be conducted.

It is expected that the ongoing use of fish recombinant GtHs and GtH-Rs for function-structure studies, along with future establishment of transgenic "gain-of function"/ "loss of function" mutants of model fish species such as zebrafish and medaka, will help understanding the nature of GtH-GtHR interactions and their affect on follicular cell functions in fish.


The authors wish to thank Professor Zvi Yaron (Tel-Aviv University, Tel-Aviv, Israel) and Dr. Angelo Colorni (National Center for Mariculture, Eilat, Israel) for reviewing the manuscript.


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