Reducedfat Pastry

Polydextrose can be used to make fat-reduced pastry. In shortcrust pastry, the fat content can be reduced by up to 50% with the addition of polydextrose while maintaining the texture normally associated with traditional full-fat pastry. Studies have shown that the addition of polydextrose to shortcrust pastry increased the crispness (especially noticeable in oven-reheated pastry products); reduced pastry shrinkage; improved the machin-ability of very thin sheets of dough; caused browning under microwave reheat conditions; and reduced the amount of sugars and fats in shortcrust pastry without affecting the organoleptic quality of the product. All of these benefits were possible without any changes in processing conditions.

The effect of adding polydextrose to fat-reduced pastry dough in apple pies has been studied. Polydextrose was added to the short-crust pastry dough at a rate of 13% on a flour weight basis as shown in Table 11.3. The flour, fat, and sodium metabisulphite were placed into the bowl of a planetary style mixer fitted with a pastry knife and mixed on slow speed for 2 min. The salt, sugar, or polydextrose were dissolved in the water and added to the flour and fat over a period of 10 s on slow speed. The mixture was then mixed on medium speed for 45 s. The dough was left to stand for 30 min. For the apple filling, the glycerine was dispersed with water before blending with the other ingredients. Subsequently, 45 g of paste was blocked into 11 cm foil trays and filled with 60 g of apple pie filling. The paste was also sheeted to 2.5 mm and lids cut at 11.3 cm diameter. A steam vent was cut into each lid before they were blocked onto the base of the pie. The pies were baked for 20 min in a gas fired reel oven, cooled, and stored in cellulose film at 20°C.

Table 11.3 The Use of Polydextrose in a Reduced-Fat (38%) Pastry for Apple Pie

Ingredients % Flour weight

For the pastry:

White pastry flour 100

White shortening or vegetable oil 38

Salt (Fat reduced from 47%)

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