Extent of sugar inversion




Extent of fat rancidity




Neutralization required




Courtest of Pfizer Ltd., Kent, United Kingdom.

Courtest of Pfizer Ltd., Kent, United Kingdom.

Temperature (°C)

Figure 11.6 Freezing point depressions of Litesse, selected sugars, and sorbitol at various concentrations. (Courtesy of Pfizer Ltd., Kent, United Kingdom.)

Granulated forms of Litesse are also available for ease of handling and speed of dissolution. The primary applications for granulated Litesse are in the beverage, confectionery, and frozen dairy segments. Granulated Litesse has been shown to dissolve in water (80 g/100 g water, 23°C, 270 rpm) in 4.5 min compared with similar quantities of generic polydextrose and Litesse which took 9.3 and 12.2 min to dissolve, respectively.

The flavor quality of the new generation polydextroses, Litesse and Litesse II, is such that these bulking agents can successfully replace sugar and some fats in food products without any adverse reaction on the taste quality of the final product. Since the polydex-troses are essentially bland-tasting, they can be used in both sweet and savory applications. To maintain the sweetness level in sweet products such as confectionery, it is advisable to replace the sweetness by the use of an approved high intensity sweetener. The new generation sweeteners such as aspartame, acesulfame-K and alitame can be used with polydextrose.

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