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Polydextrose is most commonly used to replace sugars in various desserts, confections, baked goods, and other sweet foods. Typical applications for polydextrose include: ice cream, instant puddings, jams, jellies, pastry, chilled desserts, bakery fillings, cakes, biscuits, confections, frozen desserts, toppings and frostings, instant drinks, cereal bars, extruded snacks, sauces, salad dressings, and peanut spreads. In these applications, polydextrose reduces calories while maintaining the body and texture of full-sugar foods. Although polydextrose is not a fat-replacer per se, it has a relatively high viscosity in solution and can therefore contribute to the mouthfeel and creaminess of fat-reduced formulations. Polydextrose can therefore be considered as a fat-mimetic in some applications.

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