A7 Nutritional Toxicological And Legislative Aspects

Maltodextrins are metabolized similarly to native starch; consequently, they have no toxicological implications and may be used by diabetics. On a weight for weight basis, maltodextrins provide 4 kcal/g. However, in fat replacement applications, maltodextrins are typically used as gels or pastes with a water:maltodextrin ratio of around 3:1, thereby reducing the calorie content further to around 1 kcal/g. Using rats as experimental subjects, Harris (1994) concluded that the inclusion of low-fat foods containing a commercial potato maltodextrin (Avebe's Paselli SA2) as fat replacer was an effective way of reducing overall fat intake although total energy intake was not affected. For a more detailed discussion of this study, see Chapter 2.

The U.S. FDA has recognized the use of maltodextrins in foods under the Code of Federal Regulations Title 21 (21 CFR 184.4444). Most commercial fat replacers derived from starch carry label designations of either "modified starch" or "maltodextrin" (Table 6A.1). For example, A.E. Staley Manufacturing Co.'s Stellar™ (from corn), Sta-Slim™ 142 and 143 (from potato), Sta-Slim™ 150 and 151 (from tapioca), and Sta-Slim™ 171 (from waxy maize) are labeled as "food starch — modified." On the other hand, Avebe's Paselli SA2 (from potato) can be labeled as "maltodextrin," as discussed in Chapter 6B.

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