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Primitive Functioning Primary Process

The id functions according to the purely instinctive and unsocialized primary process. Primary process is as blind and inflexible as the instinctive impulses that draw a moth to a candle flame, and its consequences can be as deadly. Primary process ignores time, recognizing no past and no future, only the present moment. It demands immediate gratification it cannot wait or plan. If reality does not satisfy its urges, it may resort to hallucinatory wish fulfillment, that is, simply imagine that its needs are met. As a sexually aroused dreamer conjures up a lover, a psychotic individual might hallucinate a boat in a stormy sea. This, of course, is not adaptive in the real world.

Pharmacological Treatments Of Impaired Memory Function

Evidence from animal studies has implicated depletion of nerve growth factor (NGF) as a possible mediator of cholinergic depletion in AD (when NGF is given to animals, cholinergic function is increased). Other approaches have shown some promise in AD, such as oestrogen therapy in post-menopausal women and vitamin E. A range of non-cholinergic techniques are currently being explored, including vasodilators like Hydergine, the so-called nootropics (putative cognitive enhancers such as piracetam) and a range of other compounds (e.g. neuropeptides, opiate antagonists, BDZ inverse agonists, and herbal preparations such as Ginko biloba and ginseng). There are also neurotropic agents, such as oligonucleotides, which are intended to modify biosynthetic pathways involved in the generation of AD pathology. Whether any of these agents have the potential to improve cognitive function in AD is not yet known.

Communicating with the public

The NHS communicates ineptly with the public. Take, for example, the public meeting. NHS trusts are required to have public meetings to present themselves and their results and these meetings can be the ultimate example of a hollow communication exercise. It has been calculated that about one in 10 000 to one in 100 000 users of services attend them, usually embittered opponents of change, local politicians, and ideological zealots. The fare is often a carefully crafted best view of the organisation's achievements and the whole event may quickly descend into farce once the questions begin. It is symbolic of the impotence of the public to challenge accountability within the NHS. Public meetings to debate changes proposed in NHS facilities are organised by the local health authority, and the difficulty here is that there are rarely two or more options, the choice between which will genuinely depend on public preference. The views of those attending the meetings and those presenting at...

Fetus transmission to See transmission

Fibrates A class of drugs that are antihyperli-pidimics. Fibrates are fibric acid derivatives. These drugs work by speeding up the chemical breakdown of triglyceride-rich lipoproteins that circulate in the body. They are used in particular to lower levels of triglycerides, which they control better than the statin group of drugs. They are not very effective at reducing LDL cholesterol level or raising HDL cholesterol level. The most common side effects are stomach pain, bloating, and nausea. Liver enzyme levels can also become elevated, and a myositislike syndrome, especially in patients with impaired renal function, can occur. Decreased libido and impotence have occasionally been reported. Fibrates can increase the effect of medications that thin the blood, so their use should be monitored closely by the physician. See bezafi-brate ciprofibrate fenofibrate gemfibrozil.

The Threshold of Innovation

The threshold effect boils down to this the evolutionary costs and benefits of innovations work like the economics of pharmaceutical research. The Pfizer Corporation spent over I00 million and many years developing the drug Viagra before the drug made a single cent of profit. The costs accumulated early, and the benefits came only later. Drug companies can cope with this delayed gratification, and have the foresight to undertake the research that leads to such profitable innovations. But evolution has no foresight. It lacks the long-term vision of drug company management. A species can't raise venture capital to pay its bills while its research team tries to turn an innovative idea into a market-dominating biological product. Each species has to stay biologically profitable every generation, or else it goes extinct. Species always have cash-flow problems that prohibit speculative investment in their future. More to the point, every gene underlying every potential innovation has to...

Step 2 Determining if You Have Heart Disease or Diabetes

People who have heart disease have a much greater chance of having a heart attack than those who don't. In fact, more than twenty out of every one hundred people with heart disease will have recurrent heart disease within ten years. Heart disease, for the purpose of estimating this risk, is broadly defined and includes coronary artery disease as well as diseases of the arteries outside of the heart. Atherosclerosis in the arteries outside of the heart is generally called peripheral artery disease and can include blockages or enlargements (aneurysms) that affect the neck (carotid), abdominal (aortic), or leg arteries. Symptoms of peripheral arterial disease depend on the site of the blockage, but they can include sudden loss of vision pain in the calf, thigh, or buttocks when walking or impotence. 195

Patients Bill of Rights

PCM-4 PCM-4 is a product combining two components purported to have immunomodulating effects. The two components are an extract (the polypeptide, or P) from the porcine spleen and a highly concentrated form of Siberian ginseng. The oral dosage of these two extracts was developed in 1987. The pill was developed after initial studies done with Siberian ginseng suggested that the combination might be capable of increasing t cells. Studies have shown that patients with cancer of the stomach who experienced immune suppression had general improvement with the use of the porcine spleen extract. To date, there are reports of some studies in HIV-infected people being conducted, but these studies are either incomplete or have not been published.

Postexposure prophylaxis 385

Condom use is considered only possibly safe and not absolutely safe, as they are often used incorrectly. To correctly use a condom, always use new condoms. Keep a ready supply of condoms where they cannot be damaged by moisture or heat. Never test a condom by blowing it up. Put a dab of lubricant into the tip of the condom to increase sensation. Prevent any air bubbles from forming that could cause the condom to break. Put the condom on the fully erect penis and roll it down all the way to the bottom of the shaft. Generally, lubricate the vaginal entrance or the anus before entry. Use only a water-soluble lubricant. Upon withdrawal, hold tightly onto the base of the condom. After use, throw the condom away. Use a lubricant that contains nonoxynol-9, a mild detergent that kills not only sperm cells but also all kinds of other organisms, such as amoebas, the herpes virus, bacteria that could cause gonorrhea and syphilis, as well as the AIDS virus.

Sexual assault See rape

Sexual dysfunction Any condition that prevents normal sexual functioning, up to and including sexual intercourse. Dysfunction may be temporary or persistent it may have physiological or psychological origins. The use of some prescription drugs may cause sexual dysfunction in some people (in some cases, similar drugs without this side effect may be substituted). To some extent, sexual dysfunction is culturally defined. Recognized forms of sexual dysfunction include, for women, anorgasmia, painful intercourse, and vaginismus for men, impotence, premature ejaculation, and retarded ejaculation. sexual fulfillment A feeling of contentment after a pleasurable and satisfying sexual encounter. There is a feeling of intense fulfillment in the orgasmic and resolution phases of the sexual response cycle. sexual health As contrasted with sexual dysfunction, a lack of problems in sexual desire and sexual response. The world health organization has defined three elements of sexual health a capacity...

Silent reservoirs 449

Sildenafil citrate The first oral drug for male impotence, Viagra (Sildenafil citrate) works by dilating blood vessels in the penis, allowing the inflow of blood needed for an erection. protease inhibitors appear to increase blood levels of Viagra by inhibiting liver enzymes that would normally eliminate Viagra. Care needs to be taken when combining Viagra with protease inhibitors, consult your medical care provider.

Current Treatment In Human Narcolepsy

For management of narcolepsy symptoms in humans, pharmacological treatment is usually employed (11,27,28). For EDS, amphetamine-like central nervous system (CNS) stimulants or modafinil (a nonamphetamine stimulant with undetermined mechanisms of action) are most often used (Table 2). These compounds possess wake-promoting effects in narcoleptic subjects as well as in control populations, but very high doses are required to normalize the abnormal sleep tendency during the daytime (29). For consolidating nighttime sleep, benzodiazepine hypnotics or y-hydroxybutyrate (GHB) are occasionally used (11,27,28). Since amphetamine-like stimulants and modafinil have little effect on cataplexy, tricyclic antidepressants, such as imipramine or clomipramine are used in addition to control cataplexy (11,27,28) (Table 2). However, these compounds can cause a number of side effects, such as dry mouth, constipation, or impotence. GHB is also used for the treatment of cataplexy its mechanism of action...

Extraintestinal Manifestations

CD has been shown to be closely associated with a number of other disorders. Dermatitis herpetiformis, a skin disease characterized by symmetric pruritic papulovesicular lesions and the presence of granular deposits of IgA in the skin, affects 10-20 of patients with CD and responds to withdrawal of gluten from the diet. CD is also strongly associated with type I diabetes and autoimmune thyroid disease, especially hypothyroidism. The prevalence of CD in type I diabetes patients is 3-8 .2 Patients with untreated CD have an increased risk of certain types of cancer, specifically non-Hodgkin lymphoma, enteropathy-associated T-cell lymphoma, small intestinal adenocarcinoma, and esophageal or oropharyngeal squamous carcinoma. Neurological disorders, including peripheral neuropathy, cerebellar ataxia, epilepsy, and migraine, have also been shown to be associated with CD. Women with untreated CD may present with infertility, and infertility secondary to impotence or abnormally low sperm count...

Vaginal douche See douche

Vaginal fluid All women secrete moisture and mucus from membranes that line the vagina. Vaginal fluids provide lubrication, help keep the vagina clean, and maintain the acidity of the vagina to prevent infections. The walls of the vagina may be almost dry to very wet. The vagina tends to be dry before puberty, during lactation, and after menopause, as well as during the part of the menstrual cycle right after the flow. It tends to increase in moisture around ovulation time, during pregnancy, and when the person is sexually aroused. when a woman is under stress, secretion also increases. The discharge is clear or slightly milky and may be somewhat slippery or clumpy. when dry it may be yellowish. Vaginal fluids normally cause no irritation or inflammation of the vagina or vulva.

Perineal Raphe Septum Body and Fasciae

Male Perineal Raphe

The deep dorsal urogenital stroma forms the perineal body, deep perineal septum, and also fascial tissues spreading lateralward and becoming a sheath for the distal part of the corpus spongiosum, deep fascia of the penis, and deep scrotal connective tissue. The perineal body and adjacent deep septum develop from that portion of the deep dorsal urogenital stroma initially positioned dorsal to the urogenital sinus. The original distinction between a dense peripheral zone that extends into the adjacent medial sides of the puborectal and bulbospongiosus and the caudal extremity of the external urethral sphincter muscles, and a less dense central area (Fig. 41f) in which ventral longitudinal bundles of the muscularis propria of the rectum abruptly end, disappears with the regression of the central area (f.45-80 mm). As a result, all neighboring bilateral structures positioned laterally, i.e., the bulbi spongiosi, bulbourethral glands, and puborectal, internal and external urethral...

Detection of antiphospholipid antibodies aPL in dermatology

In isolated other skin lesions such as livedoid vasculitis-like ulcers or pseudo-vasculitis lesions, low-dose -aspirin, and dipyridamole has been reported as effective in some patients (Grob and Bonerandi, 1989 Asherson et al., 1992). If these lesions recur or extend despite anti-platelet agents, anticoagulation is usually prescribed (Frances and Barete, 2004). Fibrinolytic agents and sildenafil have been successful in cases of recalcitrant non-healing cutaneous ulcers (Gertner and Lie, 1994 Gertner, 2003). Gertner, E. 2003. Treatment with sildenafil for the healing of refractory skin ulcerations in the antiphospholipid syndrome. Lupus 12, 133.

Glucose6phosphate dehydrogenase G6PD deficiency 201

China for treatment of various disorders. There are three different families of ginseng the oriental and American ginsengs (Panax schinseng), the Siberian ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus) and the desert ginseng (Rumex hymenosepalus). For thousands of years, ginseng has been the most prized of herbal remedies, with a host of alleged benefits, including relief of fatigue, relief of stress, and other systemic benefits. It has been suggested that Panax ginseng may increase natural killer cell activity. Panax and Eleutherococcus can produce insomnia, diarrhea, nervousness, depression, and skin rash. Ginseng can amplify the effect of certain antidepressant medications and, due to the small amount of estrogens in the plant, can affect menstruation in women.

May Recognized Three Forms Of Ontological Guikt

Like anxiety, ontological guilt can have either a positive or a negative effect on personality. We can use this guilt to develop a healthy sense of humility, to improve our relations with others, and to creatively use our potentialities. However, when we refuse to accept ontological guilt, it becomes neurotic or morbid. Neurotic guilt, like neurotic anxiety, leads to nonproductive or neurotic symptoms such as sexual impotence, depression, cruelty to others, or inability to make a choice.

Penis Prepuce Preputial Sac and Frenulum

Frenulum Penis

The development of the ischiocavernosus muscle, transversus perinei superfi-cialis muscle, and external anal sphincter is similar to that of their female counterparts (see Sect. 4.2.9). The construction of the external urethral sphincter differs in that the formation of the prostate interrupts the horseshoe-like pattern of the ventrally embracing muscle, and the marked length

Gummatous syphilis Late benign syphilis

Gynecological services Medical examination, care (including preventive care), and treatment for gynecological disorders. Gynecological services include taking comprehensive menstrual, sexual, and reproductive histories performing comprehensive gynecological examinations and evaluations referrals to prenatal and obstetric care and abortion services regular screening and other services. Gynecological histories often bring up difficult and unpredictable topics such as early sexual abuse, current domestic violence, sexually transmitted infections, or concerns about sexual functioning. In

Candida Albican Menstrual Cycle-flanders Health Blog

Psychological and sexual functioning in women with vulvar vestibulitis. J Psychosom Obstet Gynecol 2001 22 221. 2. Jensen JT et al. Quality of life and sexual function after evaluation and treatment at a referral center for vulvovaginal disorders. Am J Obstet Gynecol 2003 188 1629.

Adult Male with New Onset Ascites

A 56-year-old white male presented with abdominal and ankle swelling of several months' duration. There was no history of chronic medical problems, except for impotence over the past 3-4 years for which he occasionally took sildenafil. The patient was on no other medications. He was a successful accountant, married with three children. He was a -pack day smoker and drank two or three beers each day. His father had been killed during World War II, and he had an uncle who died of liver cirrhosis 10-15 years previously. He had two brothers and two sisters who were all in good health.

Urology Outside The Operating Room

Patient 2 A 58-year-old man, complaining of inability to maintain an erection during coitus, getting gradually worse over the past year. He is a long-term smoker and type II diabetic. His cardiac status is good and he takes only cholesterol and blood pressure-lowering drugs in addition to metformin (his diabetic medication). Diagnosing him with likely erectile dysfunction due to poor vasculature, you offer him a trial of sildenafil and ask to see him back in 2 months.

Benefit to Drug Discovery and Development

Understanding the pharmacological profile of a drug contributes to the development of drugs that have improved safety and tolerability over existing therapies for a disease and this provides the pharmaceutical company with a significant advantage over their competitors and benefit to the patients. For example, tricyclic antidepressants (TCAs) were discovered in the 1950s-1960s and were the therapy of choice for depression. TCAs (e.g., amitryptyline) nonselectively inhibit the reuptake of serotonin, noradrenaline, and dopamine and have a range of side effects that are a consequence of the lack of selectivity for the monoamine uptake transporters and activity at a range of receptors such as histamine, muscarinic, and adrenoceptors.9 The therapy of choice for depression nowadays are the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) that have similar efficacy, but significantly fewer side effects (e.g., sertraline),10,11 and therefore increased patient compliance. Another example is the...

Elegantin See disintegrin

Eleutherosides Class of compounds, lignan glycosides, with anti-inflammatory and immunostimulatory activity isolated from the roots of Eleutherococcus senticosus (Siberian ginseng, a distant relative of Asian ginseng) and other medicinal herbs. Eleutherosides B and E have been most extensively studied.

Pathophysiology Diagnosis and Management of Hereditary Hemochromatosis

Iron loading in HH can affect several organs, with the manifestations of end-organ damage usually appearing in the 40s-60s age range in men and slightly later in women. Women are somewhat protected since they lose iron over many years with menses. In the liver, iron overload can lead first to occult, then clinically evident cirrhosis, and eventually to development of malignant hepatoma. In the pancreas, iron loading of the islets of Langerhans causes glucose intolerance or frank diabetes. Cardiomyopathies and arrhythmias can develop with iron deposition in cardiac myocytes. Testicular atrophy and impotence occur in men as a result of decreased gonadotropin production by the iron-loaded pituitary. Women can develop secondary amenorrhea. Chondrocalcinosis develops in joint synovia and leads to a pseudogout picture. Hyperpigmentation of skin may be observed, but is actually due to increased melanin rather than iron deposition. Because each of these manifestations more often are caused by...

Vulvar Neoplasm Vulvar Intraepithelial Neoplasia

Surgical treatment for frankly invasive vulvar carcinoma is indicated clearly however, no commonly accepted treatment for VIN exists. The goal of treatment is to minimize symptoms and halt progression to invasive cancer, while attempting to preserve anatomy and sexual function. Options include topical agents, wide local excision, laser therapy, and skinning vulvectomy. Management is individualized based upon biopsy, extent of disease, and symptoms. Table 3 summarizes vulvar neoplasm treatments supported by nonRCTs.

Entering the field methods of access and data collection

Volunteers had also found it very useful to have an extra person to help out in the wards at times when they were busy. Some members of staff, however, were more ambivalent about my being allowed to attend their own meetings. A few suggested that there had been occasions when the presence of a researcher had inhibited them from talking openly of feelings of impotence and anguish they experienced as a result of caring for some patients.

Alternative treatment

Among the most common alternative agents are plants and plant extracts, derived from natural products or medicinal herbs. These are used for their possible antiviral properties and antibacterial and antifungal activity in the treatment of opportunistic infections. They include acemannan, astragalus, bitter melon, blue-green algae, burdock, garlic extract, glycyrrhizin, hypericin, iscador, maitake mushroom, mulberry roots and seeds, pine cone extracts, red marine algae, shiitake mushrooms, Siberian ginseng, traditional medicinal herbs, trichosanthin, and woundwaret.


Example - question layout - sexual function Jensen, Klee, Thranov and Groenvold (2004) developed a questionnaire to evaluate sexual function in women following treatment for a gynaecological malignacy as a preliminary to a longitudinal study. Part of their final questionnaire, developed after the due process described by Sprangers, Cull and Groenvold (1998) was completed, is reproduced in Figure 2.5.

Delirium 137

Level of this substance is 5 percent of that of a 20-year-old. It is unclear whether aging causes this decrease or the decrease causes aging. People argue on both sides of this fence, and there has been no medical research done to show what purpose DHEA has, or what role it plays in any disease or aging process. It is sold by prescription and is heralded as a wonder drug by many, who claim that it has many effects, from increasing sexual potency to decreasing the risk of strokes and slowing the process of HIV. DHEA seems to be nontoxic and is available in synthetic form by prescription.


Prospective trials exists for most therapies evidence for their efficacy derives largely from single case studies or case series, in which each patient was her own control. Studies also differed in the definition of success criteria, including the endpoints assessed (e.g., pain, dyspareunia, sexual function), the extent of recovery (e.g., partial or significant improvement, complete remission), and the duration of follow-up.


A partially randomized and nonrandomized study involving 48 women comparing cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and CBT preceded by vestibu-lectomy found both treatments to be equally effective (73). Notably, although the study was to have been a randomized trial of CBT and surgery, it became difficult to continue assigning patients to surgery once it became apparent that the two treatments were equally effective therefore, some patients were given the option of choosing surgical intervention prior to CBT. Because of the small group sizes (only 14 women participated in the randomized portion), the power of the statistical analysis and the study conclusions have been criticized (74). A later comparison of CBT, electromyographic biofeedback, and vestibu-lectomy found that all treatments resulted in improvements in pain perception and sexual function at a six-month follow-up, although vestibulectomy was significantly more successful (75). After two years, vestibulectomy remained superior...

Flucytosine 185

Tion can also include being struck by someone else. objects include both short implements, such as paddles, riding crops, or doubled-up belts, and more flexible implements, such as cat-of-nine tails, canes, or blacksnakes. Flagellants may be sexually aroused and gratified by either being threatened with pain or having pain administered, or by threatening or inflicting pain. Within the context of HIV AIDS it is noted that anytime the skin is broken there is risk of disease transmission and infection. This can be minimized by cleaning the area and one's hands and by using sterile objects. A bloodied object should never be reused on another person unless it is sterilized.

Longitudinal Studies

Example - repeated measures - sexual function after radiotherapy for cervical cancer In the longitudinal study of Jensen, Groenwold, Klee et al. (2003) investigating sexual function after radiotherapy for early-stage cervical cancer, 118 women who were disease-free following external beam radiotherapy (EBRT) were asked to complete an SVQ, part of which we described in Figure 2.5. Consenting patients were given the first questionnaire, with a stamped addressed envelope, to be completed at the termination of their EBRT. Thereafter, they received identical, mailed questionnaires at 1,3, 6, 12, 18 and 24 months after RT but only if they remained disease-free. This repeated measures study is dependent on the women remaining disease-free, returning the fully completed questionnaires and on time. So, in comparison to the designs summarised in Figures 5.4 and 5.5, there is a real challenge for the investigators to maintain the basic stucture of the design throughout the course of the study.

Chucking Frogs

The male s goal is seduction He is trying to manipulate the female into falling for his charms, to get inside her head and steer her mind his way The evolutionary pressure is on him to perfect displays that make her well disposed toward him and sexually aroused so that he can be certain of mating Male scorpions lull females into the mood for sex at great risk to their lives. One false step in the seduction, and the female s mood changes so that she looks upon the male as a meal.

Postal Survey

Example - postal survey - sexual function in Danish women As part of a larger study of sexual functioning, Jensen, Groenwold, Klee et al. (2003) surveyed a group of women selected from the Danish general population. The women received the questionnaire through the post and returned it in the same way. Questions ranged from asking whether or not they had a partner, to quite intimate details concerning their sexual health. The eventual response rate achieved, after one reminder (Danish law permits only one) was 49 from 892 women contacted.

Clinical Examination

If the endpoint concerns the presence or absence of a particular disease, then a precise definition of the corresponding diagnostic criteria need to be specified together with the clinical investigations that have to be used to determine the diagnosis. However, in many surveys no one endpoint is paramount so that many questions are asked and endpoints recorded. For example, Jensen, Groenvold, Klee et al. (2003), in their postal survey described earlier, asked women a whole range of questions on sexual function after radiotherapy for cervical cancer and their publication reported on 20 of these.

Menopause 309

Estrogen replacement therapy is generally offered to menopausal women to reduce bothersome or debilitating symptoms (hot flashes, insomnia, decreased sexual functioning, decreased appetite, night sweats, weight loss, fatigue, vagini-tis, dysuria, etc.), to prevent demineralization of bones (leading to osteoporosis), and to offset changes in lipid metabolism related to heart disease. Estrogen is supplemented with progestin to offset the documented increase in endometrial cancer and potential increased risk of breast cancer

Trial Size

Example - crossover trial size - red ginseng and erectile dysfunction The results given by Hong, Ji, Hong et al. (2002) allow one to back-calculate the within-subject SD of the differences between placebo and red ginseng with respect to the score for orgasmic function. This turned out to be sWithin 3 units. Suppose we wished to replicate this trial and choose orgasmic function as the endpoint of interest. Further it was also thought that the observed difference in this trial of d 5.61 4.92 0.69 score units would be a clinically important benefit if it could be reliably established. As a consequence we set dPlan 0.69, sPlan 3, giving a standardised effect size of APlan dPlan sPlan 0.69 3&0.25. For test size a 0.05 and power 1 b 0.8, equation (5.2) leads to NUnits 128. That is, 128 men would be randomised, 64 to the sequence GP and 64 to PG.

Sexual identity

Sexual intercourse The physical act of sexual coupling. Sexual intercourse can be carried on by persons of the same sex or persons of the opposite sex. Genital contact between individuals is commonly involved. For heterosexuals, sexual intercourse is most commonly sexual contact that involves insertion of an erect penis into a vagina. In anal intercourse a man's penis is inserted in his partner's rectum. In oral intercourse the mouth of one partner is used to stimulate the genitals of the other partner.

Jane Lewis

If you want to operate on patients, urology is one of the best surgical specialties around. Other than hearing jokes about the Viagra phenomenon, most medical students have had little experience with urology. It is a highly focused area of medicine that treats diseases of a more sensitive nature the urinary and male genital systems and has rather good treatment outcomes. It is a specialty where you can have long-term relationships with patients (yet not be their primary care physician), where you can perform surgery and procedures (yet still get a decent night's sleep), and where you can truly help improve patients' quality of life.

Shaken baby syndrome

Is of profound importance in sexuality itself. sexual activity is moderated by the limbic system structures in the temporal lobe damage in this area has been linked to hypersexuality, an abnormal condition characterized by an increased sex drive and an indiscriminate choice of partners. In both men and women, the sex drive and sexual response appear to be triggered by the sense organs or hypothalamus. Instinctual sexual behavior is genetically programmed in the hypothalamus and the limbic system and is triggered by sex hormones in these areas.


What happens to these impulses after they have become unconscious Freud (1933 1964) believed that several possibilities exist. First, the hnpulses may remain unchanged hi the unconscious. Second they could force their way into consciousness hi an unaltered form, in which case they would create more anxiety than the person could handle, and the person would be overwhelmed with anxiety. A third and much more common fate of repressed drives is that they are expressed hi displaced or disguised forms. The disguise, of course, must be clever enough to deceive the ego. Repressed drives may be disguised as physical symptoms, for example, sexual impotency in a man troubled by sexual guilt. The impotency prevents the man from having to deal with the guilt and anxiety that would result from normal enjoyable sexual activity. Repressed drives may also find an outlet in dreams, slips of the tongue, or one of the other defense mechanisms.

The arseniceaters

In the 1800s it was rumoured that the peasants of the Styrian Alps, near Graz on the border between Austria and Hungary, consumed arsenic trioxide as a tonic and in more than lethal doses. To many it seemed inconceivable, and doctors generally disbelieved such tales despite assurances from their colleagues in the Graz region that they really were true. The men ate arsenic to help them to breathe better at high altitudes, while the women ate it to make them plumper - a desirable female feature in those days - and to give them fresh complexions. (It did indeed result in a rosy cheeked complexion - regarded as a sign of good health - because it damaged the blood vessels in the surface of the skin.) The men also claimed it gave them more energy, aided digestion, prevented disease, made them more courageous, and increased their sexual potency.

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