Outcomes of the Empathic Work Culture

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Most people want to work for an organization that makes them feel safe and comfortable. This includes safety from physical harm and job loss, but it also includes protection from anxiety and fear. Increasing patient loads and responsibilities, not to mention spiraling technological advances and emphasis on controlling costs, are all factors that can lead to anxiety among nurses.

Organizations that emphasize empathy in their culture will naturally display a greater level of support for worker concerns and attention to worker safety than organizations that do not encourage empathy. In return, they will likely garner high company loyalty, low absenteeism, and, as a result, positive impact on their bottom line. When companies pay attention to threats or anxiety-producing situations within the workplace, they are taking the first step toward identification and resolution of emotional situations that could easily spiral out of control. In addition, organizations can create a corporate culture that uses emotions to build teamwork and trust and that assists employees in constructively channeling emotions to facilitate rather than impede work (Helge, 2001).

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Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Anxiety and Panic Attacks

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