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Thiazolid end ione s

Nolan et al. 1994216 San Diego, CA, USA Troglitazone (N = 12) Troglitazone: lower fasting and OGTT Allocation was masked. Small

I"a nondiabetic obese 200 mg, bid glucose and insulin levels, increased numbers, short follow-up; no persons, age x = 44.5 ys;

follow-up 3 months. Outcome: OGTT, clamp

Weight maintenence diet and physical activity

Berkowitz et al. 1996218

Gestational Diabetes and

IGT, Los Angeles, CA, 42 post-GDM women aged x = 33 yrs; follow-up 3 months. Outcome: OGTT, FSIGT

Troglitazone (N = 12)

200 mg qd Troglitazone (N = 13)

Antonucci et al. 1997217

Multicenter study of Troglitazone in IGT

51 subjects aged 24—77 (x = 47 years) with IGT; follow-up 3 months. Outcome: OGTT

Troglitazone (N = 25)

Cavaghan et al. 1997221

Buchanan et al.


ß-cell response to

Troglitazone, Chicago, IL

26 overweight subjects aged x = 44 yrs with F glucose < 140 mg/dl; follow-up 3 months. Outcome: OGTT, FSIGT, infusion Troglitazone in the prevention of diabetes (TRIPOD) Los Angeles, California 235 Latina women, hx of GDM; 30 month follow-up. Outcome: diabetes.

Troglitazone (N = 14)

Troglitazone 400 mg/day

insulin sensitivity by clamp; 6/7 with IGT reverted to normal; lower SBP, DBP; no change in LDL-, HDL-cholesterol or triglycerides in either group. Placebo: no change in glucose or insulin levels, sensitivity or lipids. No data on reversion of IGT subjects

Troglitazone: Dose-dependent increase in insulin sensitivity (Si) on IVGTT up to 88% in 400 mg group. Lower fasting insulin (—20%), no change in fasting or AUC glucose, lipids, BP, weight, % body fat. No development of diabetes. Placebo: No changes in Si, fasting insulin or glucose

Troglitazone: RR = 0.38 (0.15-1.00) to remain IGT vs. placebo; lower glucose and insulin AUC, triglyceride levels; no change in fasting glucose, insulin or C-peptide, LDL or HDL-C, BP, weight, Hb Alc in either group

Troglitazone: glucose AUC decreased 10% (p = 0.03), fasting insulin lower, Sj and disposition index increased, insulin secretion adj for Sj increased 52%, improved (3-cell entrainment to glucose, Hb Alc decreased; no change in fasting glucose. Placebo: no changes important side-effects noted

Dropouts 12%, similar across groups. Double-blind; masking of allocation not mentioned

80% of troglitazone subjects returned to normal OGTT vs. 48% of placebo group. Dropouts 20%, similar in each group. Said to be lower, but text disagrees with tables. Allocation was masked, double-blind

Five dropouts (19%), similar between groups. Allocation masked, double-blind. Number of persons with IGT vs. diabetes not stated. Not a prevention trial, rather a mechanistic study with randomization

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Diabetes 2

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