Alpha-glucosidase inhibitors

Chiasson et al. 1996222


Acarbose Pilot, Montreal, Canada

18 subjects with IGT, (x = 55 years); follow-up 4 months. Outcome: OGTT STOP-NIDDM Trial Canada, Europe 1429 men and women (x = 54.5 years), WHO IGT X 1; follow-up 3.3 years. Outcome: diabetes

100 mgtid Placebo (N =

Acarbose 100 mg tid or Placebo

Acarbose: lower glucose and insulin (32%) AUC; no change in fasting glucose or insulin, BMI, lipids, BP, HbAlc. Placebo: no changes in AUC, or fasting values, as above

Acarbose: HR = 0.75 (0.63-0.90; ARR = 9.1/100 PY) vs. placebo. Higher reversion to normal glucose tolerance (p <0.0001)

Masking of allocation not noted. Short follow-up. Side-effects not mentioned

NNT = 11 persons with IGT to prevent one case; dropouts 23.9%, higher in acarbose (221) than placebo (130). Prepublication results

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