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The studies reviewed here use a variety of criteria to define type 2 diabetes. This is inevitable, given the long time period included. It was not possible to identify consistent criteria for all studies. However, the 1985 WHO criteria24 were used as a reference when possible since the majority of modern studies used them. In prevention trials, the development of any clinical diagnosis of diabetes or measured hyperglycemia meeting defined criteria was usually the outcome of the trial.

No studies published to date have tested for autoimmune markers that would identify subjects developing type 1 diabetes. Since over 90% of people developing diabetes over the age of 50 years will have type 2 diabetes30, this is a minor limitation. However, proper diagnosis of the etiological type of diabetes as an outcome will become increasingly important in trials in the future, since specific interventions aimed at defined metabolic and immunological pathways will increasingly be tested.

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Supplements For Diabetics

Supplements For Diabetics

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