Art and the Rise of Consciousness

Changes in Science, Changes in Art 18 Traditional Ways of Understanding Art: Psychophysical

Dualism 19

Art and Mind: A Unitary View 21

The Evolution of Art and Consciousness 24

The Rise of Consciousness as a Scientific Topic 25

AWAREness: The Five Facets of Consciousness 26

From Nucleotides to Newton 36

2 Art and Evolution 39

The "New and Improved" Brain and Technology, Art,

Language, and Culture 41

Neanderthals, Cro-Magnons, and Dogs That Can't Hunt 46

The Cognitive "Big Bang" 51

The Cognitive Blueprint 58

Environmental and Dietary Changes 62

Brains and Adaptation 66

The Evolution of the Brain 69

3 Art and Vision 73

Visual AWAREness 73 Seeing with Brain and Eye: The Dynamic Properties of Vision 76

The Eye 82

Beautiful Colors 92

From the Eye to the Brain 97

The Visual System and the Perception of Art 99

4 Art and the Brain 107

The Evolution of the Consciously AWARE Brain 108

The Cognitive Big Bang and the Emergence of Art 113

What Brains Do 117

"Raphael's Brain" 129

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