Miller Syndrome

This very rare condition is characterized by downward slanting eyelids, cleft palate, recessed lower jaw, small cup-shaped ears, and a broad nasal ridge. There are also shortened bowed forearms, incompletely developed bones in the arms, missing or webbed fingers and toes, and abnormal growth of the bones in the lower legs. occasional problems include heart defects, lung disease, extra nipples, stomach or kidney reflux, undescended testicles, or dislocated hips.

The child should be treated by a qualified cran-iofacial medical team at a craniofacial center. several surgeries may be necessary, depending on the severity of the child's condition. Some treatments may include a tracheostomy to help with breathing, a gastrostomy tube to assure proper nutrition, and craniofacial surgery to the jaw, ears, and eyes.

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