After the NICU

After leaving the NICU, infants who were born too soon occasionally still need attention at a high-risk newborn clinic or early intervention program. In addition to the regular well-child visits and immunizations that all infants receive, premature infants also get periodic hearing and eye examinations. Careful attention is paid to the development of the nervous system, including the achievement of motor skills like smiling, sitting, and walking, as well as the positioning and tone of the muscles. Speech and behavioral development are also important in these babies; some premature infants may require speech therapy or physical therapy as they grow up. Infants who have experienced complications in the NICU may need additional care by medical specialists.

For the first few years most children who were born too soon are still small for their age, although their growth rate is usually normal. Although a few born prematurely may have permanent problems such as cerebral palsy, most have no serious long-term effects.

prickly heat An irritating skin rash, also known as heat rash, that is associated with obstruction of the sweat glands and accompanied by prickly feelings on the skin. The medical term for prickly heat, miliaria rubra, means "red millet seeds" and refers to the appearance of the rash. A milder form of the condition (miliaria crystallina) sometimes appears first as clear, shiny, fluid-filled blisters that dry up without treatment.

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