facial nerve 106

facial palsy See Bell's palsy facial paralysis 48

fainting 106

Fallopio, Gabriel 106

familial dysautonomia (Fp) 91

Family Survival Project for

Brain-Damaged Adults 106 Famous Faces Test 106-107 Faria, Abbe 186 fatal familial insomnia 107 fear and aggression 107 Federation for children with

Special Needs 107-108 fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS)

10, 108, 184 fetal brain development 108-109 fetal hydantoin syndrome 109 field dependence 109 field independence 109 fight-or-flight response 109 fipexide 109 Fissure of Sylvius 109 fissures, cerebral See sulci Flourens, Marie-Jean-Pierre

109-110 fluent aphasia See Wernicke's aphasia fluid balance See thirst fluid imbalances and the brain

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