The lack of brain development is caused by a failure in the development of the neural tube, the nerve tissue in the embryo that eventually develops into the spinal cord and brain. While doctors do not know why this occurs, cases have been linked to low levels of folic acid in the mother's diet. There may also be a genetic component to the problem. Maldevelopment of the neural tube may also cause spina bifida or hydrocephalus. Collectively, these birth defects are known as neural tube defects and are assumed to have similar causes.

For more information, see spina bifida association of america (for address, see Appendix I).

aneurysm, brain Ballooning of an artery leading to the brain due to pressure of blood flowing through a weakened area. The weakening may be caused by disease, injury, or a defective artery wall. A cerebral aneurysm often occurs as a swelling where the arteries branch at the brain's base, which is usually caused by a congenital weakness.

pressure from the aneurysm may cause a wide range of symptoms. If the arteries rupture, they may cause a fatal blood loss or severe damage to the local brain tissue.

cat or mri scans can provide critical information about this type of aneurysm.

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