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vision, and normal vision may not develop in one of the eyes.

The primary cause of the failure to develop a normal visual pathway is a squint in very young children, in which only one eye focuses on a selected object while the brain suppresses a different image from the other eye. The problem could also develop as a result of congenital cataracts or severe focusing errors in a young child (such as when one eye is normal and the other has a severe astigmatism that causes a blurry image).


Amblyopia must be treated as soon as possible; after age eight, it is physiologically too late for the brain to make proper connections in the visual pathway. For amblyopia caused by squinting, the patient must cover the good eye to force the poor eye to function normally. Glasses or surgery to place the deviant eye in the correct position may also be required. Glasses may also help correct severe focusing errors, and congenital cataracts may be removed surgically.

American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine A professional organization of physicians, diplomates of specialty boards, PhDs, and allied health care individuals concerned with diagnosis, care, treatment, and research of cerebral palsy and developmental disorders and with acceptance of the handicaps caused by these conditions. Founded in 1947, the academy publishes a biennial newsletter and a monthly journal. For address, see Appendix II.

See also center for family support; federation


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