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Effects Of Chromium Supplementation On Human Body Composition And Physical Functions

Only one study has evaluated the effects of Cr(III) supplementation on body composition adaptation to resistance training in women. Fifteen female softball players from a division I program enrolled in a double-blind supplementation trial 16 . Eight players received 500 gCr(III) as Cr(pic)3, and 7 women received placebo for 6 weeks while participating in a strength training program (3 sessions week). Urinary Cr(III) excretion increased significantly in the Cr(pic)3 supplemented women. Cr(III) supplementation did not affect body weight or composition estimated by using hydrodensitometry. Muscular strength increased significantly with no differences between the treatment groups.

The Team Approach to Leadership and Its Reliance on Emotional Intelligence

In a seminar several years ago, the observation was made that many sports-related analogies are used to describe workplace activities. Phrases such as coaching, dropping the ball, pinch hitting, and running interference were, anecdotally, said to be used frequently in the business world to describe common interactions between colleagues. The use of these terms was said to imply that the business world was in many ways like a playing field, with players competing and interacting in the game of business as they would in a football or baseball confrontation, playing by specific rules that govern the game.

Clinical Aspects Of Iliocaval Obstruction

Rash Abacavir

Young patients we treated, they were asymptomatic until the acute thrombosis of the left iliofemoral segments at ages 21 and 17, respectively. In one patient, this happened after sliding into base playing softball and in the other, after a summer job where he leaned over a large bin husking corn. As in many patients, the investigation of an acute lower limb deep vein thrombosis led to the discovery of previously compensated underlying caval obstruction of indeterminate age.

Erica Has a Problem Epilepsy

Summary Erica Has a Problem Epilepsy is about a young girl who learns that she has epilepsy. Written by a woman who personally dealt with epilepsy and whose goal is to help children learn about epilepsy, this story describes Erica's step-by-step response to this illness. Erica first starts to show warning signs, like daydreaming in school. Then she gets hit by a baseball during physical education class. One of her classmates noticed that she was jerking her arms and legs and making grunting noises before it happened. The school notifies Erica's parents about what happened, commenting that Erica started jerking her arms before getting hit. After Erica's parents get another call from school regarding another seizure, they take Erica to a doctor who then refers her to a neurologist. The process of finding the right doctor is frustrating for Erica's parents, but they finally find a doctor who can help. He talks with Erica and her

Principles of Depth Perception Where Is It

Depth Perception Explained

In the perception of dimensionality, there are two types of cues involved, binocular and monocular, and within each of these classes are several subclasses (figure 7.4). Binocular cues are those derived from the use of two eyes. Images that fall on one retina are not identical to the images that fall on the other, and information regarding this disparity is translated by the brain as a depth cue. Binocular perception of depth is particularly important in working with objects close to the eyes but, contrary to common opinion, is not critical for most forms of depth perception. People who, through accident or disease, are left with only one good eye drive cars, play baseball (several major league players have been blind in one eye), and see most forms of art very much as you do. Furthermore, people with only one good eye from birth also have a good sense of depth. However, close work requiring depth

Sixty Years Out I Have Seen The Future And Its Barry Bonds

Barry Lamar Bonds is justly considered to be one of the greatest players the sport of baseball has ever seen. He has won a record seven MVP awards, eight Gold Glove Awards, and is the only player in history to have hit 500 home runs and steal 500 bases. And yet, this towering superstar of an athlete has been one of several top players who have made fans ask an uncomfortable question To what degree, if any, does the use of chemical enhancements account for his accomplishments Major League Baseball (MLB), rightly sensing the fans' outrage over the scandal, has toughened its steroid-testing policy. MLB has instituted a system of more frequent tests, even in the off-season, and stiffer penalties, starting with a ten-game suspension for firsttime offenders. Year-round, random testing is a big step forward in prevention and enforcement because it won't be as easy for steroid-users to circumvent the system as before.


Bacteria are small, but viruses are even smaller. To get an idea of their size, imagine one human cell the size of a baseball diamond. In that cell, an average bacterium would be the size of the pitcher's mound. But a single virus would be the size of a baseball. Scientists need to use a powerful piece of equipment called an electron microscope to enter the world of the virus.

Visual Consciousness

Dreds of ms, a cumulative snowball effect - a crescendo of crescendos - occurs (corresponding with the growth of a hyperneuron, Fig. 6.14). Commenting on this proposal Gray 81 points out that we are conscious only of the visual gestalt, not incremental components. This suggests that each Orch OR event refers quantum information qualia of visual components backward in time (the duration proportional to E) to the initial V1 potential, resulting in an integrated visual gestalt early in the integration process. Consequently tennis and baseball players consciously see and recognize the ball's shape, color and motion early enough to respond successfully. In the color phi phenomenon the brain fills in the gap by backward referral from the subsequent location. Thus unlike retrospective construction, conscious sensation actually occurs in transit between the two locations.45

Collective Efficacy

The third mode of human agency is collective efficacy. Bandura (2000) defined collective efficacy as people's shared beliefs hi their collective power to produce de-shed results (p. 75). In other words, collective efficacy is the confidence people have that their combined efforts will bring about group accomplishments. Bandura (2000) suggested two techniques for measuring collective efficacy. The first is to combine the hidividual member's evaluation of then personal capabilities to enact behaviors that benefit the group. For example, actors in a play would have high collective efficacy if all had confidence hi then personal ability to adequately perform then roles. The second approach proposed by Bandura is to measure the confidence each person has in the group's ability to brhig about a desired outcome. For example, baseball players may have little confidence in each of then teammates but possess high confidence that then team will perform quite well. These two slightly different...

Rilyn Monroe

Born in Los Angeles, California, in 1926, Norma Jeane Mortenson (her birth name) was not told the truth about her paternity, the product of an extramarital affair. She grew up without a father or mother. Mental illness ran in her family, and her mother and grandmother were institutionalized (Steinem, 1986). After living in several foster homes and an orphanage and having no other stable home, Norma Jeane married at age 16 (a marriage that lasted four years). With her husband off to war, she worked in a factory until a photographer taking pictures to boost the troops' morale discovered her there. She quickly became a model, on her way to becoming a movie actress, under the name of Marilyn Monroe. Along the way, she posed as the first Playboy magazine centerfold, married baseball star Joe DiMaggio (a union that lasted only eight months), and then married playwright Arthur Miller (for four years). She also was the lover of President John F. Kennedy (among others). Marilyn Monroe had many...

Growth Industry

Notwithstanding the medical and commercial success of rhGH, some troubling ethical questions have arisen. First, should societies permit rhGH use by children of short stature but without serious hypopituitarism Many parents seek growth-enhancing drugs in the belief that their children thereby might gain higher social standing or economic opportunities in life (lifetime income is correlated with physical stature, some studies suggest). Second, since rhGH helps build muscle mass, should it be used by athletes or others to enhance physical performance At the 1998 Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia, for example, and in professional baseball in the United States, the wide use of somatotropinlike steroids was suspected and has been verified. Finally, what are the long-term health risks and benefits of high supplemental dosages of GH Because the market drugs have been available to a large audience for less than 20 years, no one fully knows.

Exercise Limitation

This classification is proposed for patients with no or only mild aortic dilation. Sports are classified as 0 Body building, weightlifting, scuba diving 1 Ice hockey, rock climbing, windsurfing, surfing 2 Basketball, racquetball squash, running (sprinting), skiing (downhill), skiing (cross-country), soccer, baseball softball, motorcycling, sailing 3 Tennis (singles), touch (flag) football, biking, jogging, swimming (lap), hiking, horseback riding 4 Tennis (doubles), treadmill stationary bicycle 5 Modest hiking, bowling, golf, Skating, snorkelling, brisk walking

Sports injuries

Sports injuries Football, basketball, baseball, soccer, hockey, gymnastics, and volleyball are the top six sports that cause the most injuries in children. Although these activities help develop muscles and coordination, they can also result in injury, especially in children, whose bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments are still growing. Basketball leads the list of most dangerous sport, with 574,000 injuries reported in 2001, followed closely by football, with 448,200 injuries. Children playing baseball received 252,665 injuries those playing soccer included 227,100 injuries. Hockey, which many consider to be a violent sport, was fifth on the list, with 80,700 injuries, followed by gymnastics at 75,000, and volleyball at 50,100.

Baseball For Boys

Baseball For Boys

Since World War II, there has been a tremendous change in the makeup and direction of kid baseball, as it is called. Adults, showing an unprecedented interest in the activity, have initiated and developed programs in thousands of towns across the United States programs that providebr wholesome recreation for millions of youngsters and are often a source of pride and joy to the community in which they exist.

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