In this chapter Kristina Chrétien shared the subtleties of treating "ritual-captured" (closed system) children as well as "scattered" (system-forming disordered) children. She stressed the importance of the principle of inclusion and of expanding the children's systems.

Kristina introduced creative ways of increasing the child's awareness of you and others by using, for example, the orderliness of alphabet forms that fit into their insets. She described how to go about expanding the child's "zone of intention" and how to exploit "maximal tension" to enhance the child's reactivity to the therapist.

She also described how to teach the child to hear and be guided by your requests as well as to establish the child's awareness of you as a source of information about the needed object.

In "Getting the child to trade objects"—an important precursor to communication—Kristina described the use of two incomplete puzzles and how the child offers the therapist the puzzle piece he or she needs in return for one that the child needs.

Commenting that the autistic child is "not going to grow up on the Elevated Square," she described in detail procedures for moving the child to the ground and to a larger world and how to wean the child from his or her rituals.

Discussing systems for the "scattered" child (system-forming disorder), Kristina stressed that this child "has no need to complete a ritual" so that there must be a great deal of repetition and use of very compelling, rapidly paced spheres (such as the water-pouring sphere) in order to form systems. She notes, also, that as the scattered child forms systems the expansions used are the same as those for the "ritual-captured" child.

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