Spinal cord ln|ury pts with UTI NOTE: b«l - twice a dav tid 3 tim

E coil. Klebsiella sp . enterococci

CIP .">50 mg po bKl times 14 days

Suspect assoc pyelonephritis In RD8PC* tnal imaotxkKK cure greater after 14 vs 3 days ol CIP (CID 39 658 & 665. 2004)

gm r Table I

Nafclllln ur oxacillin gm IVq4h Fo oral cephalosporin day) Vanco I gm IVglSli linezolld 600 mg IV/poql2h

Abbreviations on page 2 NO TE All dosage recornmorwhiions are for rnhOs (unless oiherwBo indicated) and assume normal tonal tunction


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