•vat* Pneumocystis; SCO

regimens tor raHd disease see Comment). then : Clinda 600 mg IV q8h • primaquine 3D mg [xi q24h: Ol pentamidine isethionate 4 mg pet kg pet day IV) times 21 days

Oagrwstic ptocotkce ot choice is sfxilum induction, it negative txonchoscopy Pts witti PCP rx 200 CD4 cots pet mm' stioird be on anti PCP ixoptrylfous lor lile Prednisone 40 mg bid po times 5 days then 40 mg q24h po times 5 days thon 20 mg q24h po times 11 days is indicated with PCP (pO. <70 mmHg), should be given at initiation ol antl-PCP rx: don't wait until pt's condition deteriorates (Table 13. page 98) II PCP studios nogntivi'. considei bacterial pneumonia. TBc. coca, histo. cryplo, Kaposi's satcoma ot lym^ioniii Pentamidine not active vs bacterial pathogena.

CD4 T-lymphocytes normal

Aculo onset. purulent sputum & fxilmortaiy InflRtatos t plountic pain Isolate pi until TBc excluded: Adults

Slrep pneumoniae. H Influenzae, aerobic Gm neg bacilll (incliKhng P aeruginosa). Legioneila rate M ibe

P Ceph 3 (Doswill, in footnotes on page 26) t aztthro Could uso Gatl, Levo, i» Moxi IV as alternative (see Comment)

II Gram slain ot sputum shows Gm-neg bacilli, options Include P Ceph 3 AP TC-CL PIP-TZ IMP hi MER

FQs Lovo 750 mg po/IV q24h Gatl 400 mg IV/poq24ii Moxl 400 mg jio/lV q24h

As above: Children

S-inio as aduit wilh HIV ► lymphoid interstitial pneu mono (UPI

As for H;V» ikmis with pneumonia It cftagnosis is LIP rx with slixcxdr.

In ctxklron with aids. lip responsible tor 1/3 ot pulmonary complications usually > 1 yt ot ago vs pcp. wtxcti is seen al < 1 yr ot age Omc.ilty dubbing. hep,it<> s()ler>omix)a.,y salivary rilands edarqed (take up (j-illum). fym^itiocylosis

' Othor options (Totxa 4 o/treonam 50mgperkglVq8h). (imp l5-25mgper kg iVq6h ♦ lobia); CIP commonly used In children og cipiv/po ♦ catU2 iv (InlO 3 537. 2003) Ably malms on page 2 NOTE All dosage recommendations ate lor a<Mts (unites otherweo mdcaied) and assixne normy rnm! Atk ton

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