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Acne Vulgaris and Rosacea

A high percentage of women with acne vulgaris experience a premenstrual exacerbation. The figures in the literature vary between 27 and 70 (16,17). A study of 400 acne patients found a premenstrual exacerbation in 44 of the cases. Women older than 33 years of age appear to be affected more frequently than younger women between 20 and 33 years of age (18). A comparison of acne lesions in the late follicular phase and the luteal phase found that in the premenstrual phase, 63 of the women studied had an increase of inflammatory acne efflorescences, on average by 25 . In 54 of the women studied, the comedo rate increased by an average of 21 (19). The definite mechanism of premenstrual exacerbations of acne vulgaris is not known. It is possible that premenstrual skin edema causes a narrowing of the lumen of the ducts of the sebaceous glands, which leads to sebum accumulation and or to variations in sebum secretion (5,16). Treatment with oral contraceptives with an antiandrogenic component...

Benadryl See antihistamines

Benzoyl peroxide An antibacterial agent that is considered to be the most effective nonprescription acne treatment, suppressing the bacterium Propi-onibacterium acnes associated with acne. This extremely effective topical antibacterial agent draws peroxide into the pore where it releases oxygen, killing the bacteria that can aggravate acne. Benzoyl also suppresses fatty acid cells that irritate pores and helps to unplug blocked pores. It is most effective for teenagers with inflammatory acne by inhibiting bacteria, it decreases the inflammation in the skin.

Melanomas Moles And More

The spectrum of diseases treated by dermatologists is quite wide. Your patients could include a teenager with severe acne vulgaris, a middle-aged woman with dermatomyositis, a sun-burned farmer with malignant melanoma, a young woman suffering from psoriasis, or a baby with contact dermatitis from her diaper. Every year, millions of patients visit a dermatologist for skin-related complaints. Other common problems include impetigo, benign growths, cellulitis,

Dermatologys Origins And Future Directions

Despite the growth of dermatologic specialization, primary care physicians are playing an increasing role in the treatment of dermatologic maladies. More than one quarter of Americans seen by their primary care physician have a skin-related complaint, and dermatologic disorders account for 6 of all chief complaints.5 Primary care physicians are becoming more comfortable in treating basic and uncomplicated dermatologic diseases such as acne and fungal infections. (The use of isotretinoin, which can cause birth defects, for the treatment of acne remains within the control of the dermatologists.) Many patients prefer dermatologists for these problems because they can offer patients advice on general skin care as well as prescribe medicine. Some dermatologists welcome the involvement of primary care physicians for basic needs and have consequently shifted

Common effects of industrial chemicals on workers

The most common types of damage caused by chemicals in workers is probably to the lungs and to the skin. These are the main sites of the body that are exposed to chemicals. The most common industrial disease is dermatitis, which accounts for more working days lost than all the other industrial diseases together. If solvents or chemicals that workers handle come into contact with their hands, this can lead to irritation. More serious is contact dermatitis which results from repeated exposure over time. Sometimes serious allergic dermatitis occurs, where the chemical acts to sensitize the skin. Workers in the paper and printing industry are prone to skin diseases, and photographic chemicals, metals, resins, and coal tar derivatives can all sensitize the skin. As we have seen, certain chemicals, such as dioxins, can cause a particularly severe form of acne, chloracne.

Enterotoxins and Food Products

The primary source of staphylococcal food contamination is human. However, cows are an additional source - staphylococci are causative agents of mastitis in cows and so may contaminate dairy products (Ombui et al., 1992). Although staphylococci are frequently present in pets (e.g., in dogs, which may suffer from mouth acne), these animals are not critical vehicles of food contamination. Besides dairy products, staphylococci are also present in almost 30 of raw pork, salted meat, and uncooked smoked ham (Atanassova et al., 2001). Meat is frequently contaminated with S. aureus and may contain high numbers of colony-forming units (cfu) per gram (Surkiewicz et al., 1975). Home-made cakes, creams, and vegetable salads are important vehicles of staphylococci in central Europe.


Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is an abundant adrenal hormone with only mild intrinsic androgenic activity, and supplementation in humans suggest overall good tolerance. Pilot studies indicated some benefit in moderate active SLE (Van Vollenhoven et al., 1994, 1995 Chang et al., 2002). Prasterone, oral DHEA, that suppresses IL-10 (Chang et al., 2004), was intensively evaluated in double-blind, randomized controlled trials. In patients with active SLE, administration of prasterone at a dosage of 200mg day improved or stabilized signs and symptoms of disease and was generally well tolerated (Petri et al., 2002, 2004). Mild acne and hirsutism and an increase in bone density were the expected side effects. However, the results were not sufficient for approving pras-terone for the therapy of SLE by the FDA.

Differential diagnosis of localized ACLE

Seborrheic Dermatitis Images Eyebrow

The diseases, which we may consider in the differential diagnosis with localized ACLE, are acne rosacea, contact dermatitis and photodermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, dermatomyositis, erysipelas, and delusion of lupus. 2.3.1. Acne rosacea vs ACLE Over time, a diffuse network of telangiectases may present on the erythematous background, which is characteristic of acne rosacea nonetheless in patients with SLE who have long been treated with systemic steroids, the atrophy of the skin overlying the malar areas may lead to the appearance of a similar network of telangiectases, and therefore the clinical background remains an essential feature for the differential diagnosis. In advanced stages of acne rosacea, papules and pustules appear, which are never observed in ACLE, and at this stage clinical differentiation is possible (Fig. 1).

Moniliasis See thrush

Monkeypox in humans produces a vesicular and pustular rash similar to that of smallpox. The incubation period from exposure to fever onset is about 12 days, and the typical illness with fever, headache, muscle ache, and rash lasts from two to four weeks. The rash, which appears as raised, acne-like bumps, appears within a few days and goes through several stages before crusting and falling off.

Child with Rapid Growth and Precocious Sexual Maturation

A 6-year-old boy was admitted to the medical center with a 4-year history of rapid somatic growth and a 6-month history of pubic hair growth. The patient was the full-term product of a normal vaginal delivery following an uncomplicated first gestation in a 34-year-old healthy female. Birth weight was 8 lb 9 oz (3.9 kg) and length 21.5 in. (54.6 cm). There were no neonatal problems. The mother ceased breastfeeding the infant at 10 days of life and changed to formula because he did not seem to gain weight. Thereafter, weight gain was normal. Between 9 and 18 months of age, the patient's linear growth was just above the 95th percentile, but by 21 years of age, his height was average for a 4 -year-old child. His tall stature was disregarded by his family and pediatrician, who considered this normal since his parents were tall father 74 in. (1.90 m) and mother 66 in. (1.68 m) . When the patient was 3 years old, his mother observed that his penis was larger than that of age-matched peers,...

Outcome Measures in Cutaneous Autoimmune Disease Dermatomyositis and Lupus Erythematosus

There have been attempts to develop general scores for dermatology, e.g. the dermatology index of disease severity (DIDS) (Faust et al., 1997), but the validation of general scores is challenging. The DIDS was validated in psoriasis patients and was helpful in the population studied. However, while it may work well in psoriasis, this score is not the solution for autoimmune diseases for various reasons. An accompanying editorial by Williams (1997) pointed out that the measure of extent of body surface area (BSA) involved was inappropriately crude for other diseases like acne or indeed CLE or DM. These disease have a different distribution and involvement of BSA than psoriasis (Williams, 1997) and may hugely affect patients' lives while they only affect a small percentage of BSA. Also, the score tries to assess dermatological disease severity in terms of functional disability. This is helpful if the functional disability is the consequence of the skin disease alone. However, autoimmune...

Adrenocortical Carcinoma Glossary

Virilization The induction or development of male secondary sec characters, especially the induction of such changes in the female, including enlargement of the clitoris, growth of facial and body hair, development of a hairline typical of the male forehead, stimulation of secretion and proliferation of the sebaceous glands (often with acne), and deepening of the voice. Called also masculinization) eu

The validation process

Nurses have been involved in the validation of acne-lesion counting (Lucky et al., 1996), patient assessment in many dermatological trials is routinely done by physicians only. This should be especially true for diseases as serious and clinically heterogeneous as cutaneous LE or DM. Additionally, we believe that relevant comorbidity in cutaneous LE or DM may escape untrained observers. Examples are male or female pattern hair loss or fungal infections that can be easily mistaken for LE- or DM-specific skin lesions.

Premenstrual Syndrome

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is accompanied by cutaneous manifestations that emerge in the premenstrual phase of the menstrual cycle. Accordingly, approximately 70 of women report that prior to the onset of menstrual bleeding, they suffer from mild acne eruptions, often in association with an increased greasiness of the skin and hair a premenstrual exacerbation of perioral dermatitis is reported frequently, especially by young women (4). Additional clinical symptoms of PMS include 10. Acneiform cutaneous efflorescences, perioral dermatitis

The toxic effects of dioxin

In humans the major and consistent effect is on the skin. Exposed people suffer from a severe form of acne, known as chloracne, after exposure to dioxin. Changes in the immune system have also been detected in the children exposed at Seveso in Italy and workers exposed at the Coalite plant in the UK. The latter had reduced levels of some immunoglobulins. There is no definitive evidence as to whether humans are more or less sensitive to dioxin than other mammals but the weight of evidence would suggest that they are less sensitive than many

Adolescent Medicine

In this growing subspecialty, prominent areas of prevention and treatment include substance abuse, eating disorders, acne, sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy, and depression. In addition, adolescent medicine emphasizes the management of chronic diseases that begin in childhood and continue into adulthood, such as asthma, cystic fibrosis, congenital heart disease, and diabetes. Practice settings include high school- and university-based student care centers, mobile clinics, and outpatient clinics. Many adolescent medicine specialists work within large academic medical centers or in the public health sector.

Adverse Effects

Isotretinoin is an extremely effective anti-acne preparation, but in a small number of patients (less than 1 percent) it may be associated with symptoms of a major depressive episode. In these cases, symptoms resolve rapidly (within two to seven days) after stopping the medicine. After a period off medication, treatment can begin again at a lower dose.

Puberty precocious

Puberty, precocious The onset of puberty before age seven in girls and age nine in boys. The signs of the condition include the development of breasts and pubic hair or the beginning of menstruation in girls, and pubic or facial hair, a deepening voice, or enlarged penis or testicles in boys. Acne also can occur with these other changes. Although sexual maturity does not occur at the exact same age for every person, there is a limit to how soon the signs should begin to appear. Girls are five to seven times more likely than boys to develop the condition.

Sterilizing immunity

Steroid A member of a large family of structurally similar lipid substances. Steroid molecules have a basic skeleton consisting of four interconnected carbon rings. Different classes of steroids have different functions. All sex hormones are steroids. Anabolic steroids increase muscle mass. Antiinflammatory steroids, or corticosteroids, can reduce swelling, pain, and other manifestations of inflammation when physicians use the term steroid, they are generally referring to this category. when lay people use the term, they are generally thinking of anabolic steroids. Side effects of steroids may include an increased appetite, mood changes, fluid retention, acne, increased blood pressure, elevated blood sugar level, intestinal ulcers, and lowered resistance to infection.


During puberty (age 13 to 19 years) the oil glands function at peak capacity, especially on the scalp, forehead, face, and upper chest. some degree of acne and an oily complexion are quite common, and routine showering or bathing should become a habit. While frequent washing may appear to decrease oiliness, it will not alleviate acne by itself.

Household Poisons

The herbicide would be irritant to the skin but potentially lethal if taken by mouth (see pp. 104-6). Both the antifreeze and the screenwash would also be potentially lethal if drunk (see below). All the solvents (white spirit, petrol, and paraffin) would be hazardous if drunk, especially as they could be drawn into the lungs. Cases of children drinking white spirit have occurred, in which the main effect was in the lungs, where the solvent easily spread through the small air spaces and changed the ability of the lungs to function properly. Creosote is irritating to the skin and can cause acne-like eruptions with repeated exposure, like other solvents and chemicals used in industry (see pp. 122-30).


Occasionally, people other than the workers in the factory are exposed, as occurred during the terrible Bhopal disaster in India (see pp. 172-4) and in Seveso (see pp. 123-4). The Seveso incident, mercifully, did not result in any human deaths, causing mostly the skin disorder, chloracne. This severe acne is also a common response to other halogenated (for example, chlorinated) hydrocarbons, which is used in industry or produced as part of the manufacturing processes of pesticides and fire retardants, for example. Despite the obvious potential dangers, industrial chemicals, if used carefully in controlled conditions, often benefit us greatly by producing cheap, durable materials such as plastics, novel fabrics and dyes, and effective drugs. Unfortunately, there have been problems in the past as a result of bad industrial practices such as inadequate safety measures and poor maintenance. Some of the examples that follow will serve to illustrate the lessons that can be learnt.

Acne Myths Uncovered

Acne Myths Uncovered

What is acne? Certainly, most of us know what it is, simply because we have had to experience it at one time or another in our lives. But, in case a definition is needed, here is a short one.

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