Role Of Cooling And Other Advances In Laser Technology

The development of cooling devices (Chess Chamber, VersaPulse, Chill Tip, IPL Chiller, Zimmer Cooler) provides epidermal bypass, which protects the epidermis from damage, allowing delivery of higher fluences of energy. As a result, contact or dynamic cooling devices are presently incorporated into all devices currently manufactured. The increased utilization of extended pulse durations also allows delivery of greater amounts of energy in a more gentle fashion providing more consistent pan-endothelial destruction, translating into more consistent results with fewer treatments and lesser side effect. To date the pulse duration most suited for the thermal destruction of leg telangiectasias appears to be 1-50 msec. Other advances including those made in gentle cavitation, captured pulsing, and the regular use of large diameter beams have all lead to improvements in laser/IPL technology.21

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