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In 1988, Thomas et al. reported that 24% fewer white cells left the venous circulation after a period of recumbency in patients with CVI as compared to normal patients.37 They studied three groups of 10 patients each. Group 1 consisted of patients with no signs of venous disease. Group 2 were patients with uncomplicated primary varicose veins, and group 3 were patients with long-standing CVI as determined by Doppler ultrasonography, strain-gauge plethysmography, and foot volumetry. Patients had the greater saphenous vein cannulated just above the medial malleolus. Venous samples were obtained at various time points with patients in the sitting and supine position. Samples were then placed in an automated cell counter and the number of leukocytes and

Role of Leukocyte Activation and Functional Status in CVI

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